the Clientele Experience 


The best and most successful way is by using Prestige Service, Pinnacle Craftsmanship, and by creating a Special Context for your clientele.

Trying to sell refined products and services with simple, mediocre service is a recipe for disaster!  To increase and justify your price point, you need to provide Elevated Service to your clientele...  You also need to up your game in Craftsmanship... The quality of your products must be impeccable...  Lastly, you must also provide a Luxurious, Special, and Appropriate, Context for your clientele...

Not doing all, or any of these fundamentals, would be like trying to sell a luxury car in a flea market... Or at best... It could lead to the perennial one time sale...  People buy once, but never do it again...

Luxury exists and thrives in Elegance and Sophistication... But also in Nature... In Simplicity... In Fine Food & Drinks... In Abundance...  And in an Elevated Experience...

Learn & discover with us these essential tools and skills to pursue your Passionate Calling or Craft, to build a Successful Business, and join us to acquire the Abilities to experience a fulfilling, wholesome, and abundant life... Get started today and transform your Lifestyle Now!

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Prestige Service

Do you know how to welcome and treat your clientele? Would you like to learn how to empathize with them? Do you know how to appropriately adapt your service successfully to a diverse and multicultural customer base? Do you know how to be welcoming and hospitable? Can you now entertain your guests with delicious foods and drinks? Do you know how to make your clientele feel special, important, and happy?  Learn how...

Pinnacle Craftsmanship

Do you know how to prepare, make, or build something special and unique? If not, we can help! We will teach you how to make high quality, artisan, pinnacle products with love, passion, dedication, and great attention to detail...  We will train you to work with pride and joy...  You will learn how to make things well... Beautiful... And useful...  So that your clientele finds your products Irresistible... Amazing... Delicious... And fun!  Indulge in your new skills...

Luxury Context

Do you know how to create a context that is welcoming and makes your clientele feel Special? Do you know how to make it so that it is comfortable, warm and cozy? Do you know how to transform an ordinary customer space into an extraordinary one? Do you know how to use design and context to create emotion? Do you know how to use the magic of Branding in the overall Clientele Experience? If not, we can definitely help... We will show you how...

Build a Solid, Loyal, Frequent Clientele

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Enhance the Local Experience 

At An Awesome Experience Institute, we want to teach you real, useful, life transforming skills, that you will not only use to transform the quality of your life, and that of your clientele, but these skills will also enhance and improve your community, and your region, by adding to it a very interesting mix of very high quality and luxurious products, services, and experiences, that will help level up everyone's experience locally.

Our Expertise

Our international award winning instructors and coaches will help you achieve your dreams by giving you their knowledge, and by transmitting to you their experience, and practical know how...  All of them have been there... And done that...  So no funny business, theory, of BS...  And they all have been at the top of their disciplines and professions.

All of our courses are designed to give you real life practical skills, in delivering awesome luxurious service, in making unbelievable top quality products, and in creating the most unique, special, and welcoming contexts so that your clientele will keep coming back again and again...

Our philosophy and identity combines a passionate French devotion to Luxury, Art de Vivre, Craft, and Artisanship, with an American commitment to also having a relaxed attitude, of knowing when to be casually chic, and of being efficient to achieve the best possible results. 

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